Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Carpathian Sheep Dog

Build: Large built dog with a rectangular sturdy type body type.
Agility: Nimble, very agile.

Coat: The coat is shaggy. except for the head where the hair is short and flat, the hair is abundant on all over the body, of a medium length.

Character traits: Very protective/devoted to his/her family unconditioned devotion to This breed tends to prefer to lead when with other dogs and so owners with experience of strong character/working dogs are advised.

Accommodation: The Carpathian sheepdog will NOT suit apartments and needs to be in an environment where he/she has access to the outside and inside, with lots of room to move around in both.

Exercise: It is crucial for this breed to have daily exercise and walks, when at home to have access to a garden or yard to allow him/her to run around freely.